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Call for papers

We invite you to submit articles dealing with issues of power, concerning both the field of politics and also to both institutional and non-institutional forms of constructing and conserving social order. We welcome both articles representing sociology of politics or psychology of politics, and other fields, offering theoretical and/or empirical study commenting transforming political reality. We also welcome reviews of books on power and instruments of authority. All information for the Authors may be found under bookmark “for the Authors”. We also invite shorter materials, as comments, and photos, commenting directly or metaphorically social and power relations ion contemporary society.


“Power of Judgment” Editorial Board
Department of Sociology of Politics and Morality
Institute of Sociology University of Lodz
ul. Rewolucji 1905 r. 41/43
90-214 Lodz, Poland
e-mail: wladzasadzenia@gmail.com
tel.: +48 42 635 55 33