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Reviewing and publishing procedures

  1. Once the submitted manuscript is received, the author gets an e-mail notification informing that the article in question entered the review process.
  2. All submitted articles enter a two-step review process. Articles accepted on the first formal stage are sent to the external reviewers.
  3. The editors reserve the right to correct minor stylistic and/or orthographic errors without consulting the author and add illustrations,
  4. According to Ministry of Science and Higher Education recommendations all manuscripts will enter a regular double blind review process. Each article is reviewed by two external reviewers. Manuscript decisions are based on editorial discretion and/or input from the peer review process. Once the submitted manuscript is reviewed, the corresponding author is informed about the process’ outcome, and gets the Reviewers Report on the article in question. If recommendations regarding the current version of a manuscript are included in the Report, the author(s) is/are required to improve the paper according to the reviewers’ suggestions.
  5. Reviewis preparedon the “review sheet”.The evaluation done by thereviewersis binding onthe Editor.
  6. According to the Ministry recommendations all reviewers are chosen on the basis of their academic specialisation, and we care to avoid any conflicts of interest.